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Custom San Diego Facials by Skin Habit

Looking for the best facial in San Diego?

There are many qualities of Skin Habit that separate us from everyone else when it comes to being the top facial experts; we integrate cutting edge technology along with a passion for skin care and a genuine love of organic ingredients into our treatments. The result? San Diego facials you’ll immediately fall in love with that reveal your best skin, every time!

We know all too well that proper attention along with repetition is crucial to achieving that healthy, beautiful skin we’re all after. Everyone should have a great cleanser they rely on to take great care of their skin, but that shouldn’t be the only thing. Skin needs moisture, and when it’s constantly exposed to the sun, wind, heat, cold, dryness, and humidity at various times of the year, your face could use some help in stabilizing and moisturizing cells to heal, create, keep, and protect the enviable skin you deserve.

When everything is properly balanced in the skin, there will be fewer blemishes, less hyperpigmentation, less acne, and diminished signs of aging. Skin Habit believes in helping you find the perfect regimen to achieve all of that with the best facial in San Diego – naturally!

Choose the Best Facial in San Diego for You

Enjoy a 25-minute, 55-minute, or the 80-minute facial that best suits you! Each facial is performed by our trusted experts in a clean and relaxed environment here at our place in North Park on 30th Street.

  • Our 25-minute facial is perfect for weekly maintenance to minimize fine lines and pores, reverse signs of aging, and to refresh and rebalance your skin.
  • Our 55-minute facial includes a double cleanse, peel, oxygen mask, and more. Hot towels, moisturizer, and massage? Yes, please!
  • The 80-minute massage offers the ultimate Habit with all the extras! It’s great once each season and will provide premium treatment for skin challenges.

Check out our facial page for details and pricing on our skin care offerings, treatments, and facials!

Additions, Treatments, and Products

Everyone is unique, and it’s a good Habit to add in an extra service to your facial now and again to ensure your pretty face isn’t lacking for anything nourishing! We offer extras to go along with your facial like:

  • Anti-Aging Treatment: An ideal mini-treatment that adds an extra boost to skin firmness, thanks to an incredible blend of facial massage and micro current.
  • Decolletage: A popular addition to any facial, this adds much-needed TLC to your face and neck.
  • Deep Extractions: These are available if you’re in need of a deeper refresh to add to your mini service.

Our Nature-Forward Products

At Skin Habit, we believe that great skin care needs to happen at home in between facials, and we believe in Image Skin Care. This clinical brand builds on using smart organic ingredients for skin that is always in premium shape and beautiful inside and out.

What makes Image Skin Care unique? It was formulated by a plastic surgeon and created by an aesthetician. A network that spans more than 20,000 skincare professionals across the globe in more than 50 countries represents the brand – and that’s no small feat!

The best skin care Habits require the best products, the best technique, and the best technology. Our Quasar MD Light Therapy Technology uses LED light and works with our custom masks. It’s non-invasive, 100% natural, safe for all skin types, painless, FDA-cleared, and recommended by dermatologists.

Get into your Habit with Skin Habit

With so many services, products, methods, and ingredients available in the city that promise all kinds of results for San Diego facials, it can be overwhelming trying to sort through them to find the best. We’ve done the legwork for you! Our licensed skin experts are here to heal you and help you understand the specific needs of your skin. We never offer a “one-size-fits-all” facial like other places do.

Come and relax with us in our clean, comfortable environment in North Park where you can plug in your phone and leave the rest to us. We’re led by expert facialist Kristy Darrenogue, whose 16+ years of experience go into each and every treatment we offer.

Every time you trust in us to deliver the best facial in San Diego, you’ll receive a customized experience using a unique blend of products and methods that cater to your precious skin.

Book your facial and/or medical spa treatment now and get into your best Habit with us!