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The Skin

When I was in the 6th grade, my mom came home to me mixing oatmeal and lemon juice in the kitchen. “What are you doing?” she asked. I explained that a schoolmate of mine had oily skin and I was trying to help her.

Little did I know that I would one day become the “Face Girl” – I started researching how to help my other friends by creating daily routines for them. Those friends still thank me today for helping them “survive” high school, and some of them say they haven’t aged a day since!

After schooling and working in bio-science in San Francisco, I started formally offering services and regularly was booked out six months in advance. Ever since the beginning, I’ve been blessed to work with amazing clients.

Today, 17 years later and with the help of my partners, I have created Skin Habit treatments that reduce dark spots and fine lines while providing overall preventive maintenance.

Science has become incredibly important to our philosophy, from quasar LEDs to the understanding of lactic acids and their benefits for your skin. We believe science is a cornerstone of our treatments.

We continuously test our results, tweaking our treatments to help anyone with very specific skin issues to create optimal results.

And finally – You. I welcome you to our Skin Habit family; we can’t wait to work with you and help create a new Habit that will carry on for years to come!

Welcome to Skin Habit.